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Our research has told us that of all the things that "matter" about a website, the three most important factors are:

Cost.  So many companies have been "burned before" that many companies are not comfortable spending large amounts of money on their websites. Sound familiar?

First impression.  The look of a website says so much about your company. A well designed site can speak volumes of your company's professionalism, vision and capability. A poorly designed site (or "basement" site) can do more harm than good. Remember, your website is the world's "eyes in" to your company.

Return on Investment.  A site must pay for itself. How is that accomplished? Through increased operational efficiencies, or through additional revenue streams - either way, a well designed site, with a clear return in mind, is the goal for all client initiatives.

To support this type of development strategy, ELM Consulting has a platform of web development that supports e-commerce and contains a total content management and site management administration module. This framework, in conjunction with Elm's consulting offering, allow for fairly rapid and effective website development with many standard features that a client will need for a successful web initiative.

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