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Business Process Consulting

As companies seek operational efficiencies to increase profitability, the need for Information Technology (IT) to support business process becomes increasingly more critical. At times, IT decisions can be made in a vacuum. Unless all components leading to these decisions are carefully analyzed, they may not be in line with the strategic goals of the company. In fact, a counterproductive scenario may occur: technology may begin to drive business decisions. Business Process Consulting is the practice of understanding Business Process in conjunction with four other major business drivers. This method of consulting produces an enterprise awareness over the following focus areas:

  • Strategy - Your Corporate or departmental goals or positioning in the marketplace.

  • Process - Business or Operational procedures to reach your goals.

  • Organization - Appropriate staffing to achieve your goals.

  • Technology - Effective infrastructure and applications to support your organization, process and strategy.

  • Management - The effective deployment of resources to support your strategy.

ELM Consulting's main focus is on business process. We believe that business process should dictate technology - and not vice versa. Our methodology of understanding current business processes, the problems within the process and the ability to effectively create a new business process solution, has great value to clients wishing to increase profitability.

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